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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:36 am

1.Rules In Guild

* Respect your Guild mates. Treat them as you would like to be treated, nothing more, nothing less.
* Teamwork. Be a party player. Ask the guildmates to go dungeoning with you before going alone, ask if anyone needs your specific item before selling it, etc.
* If you are Inactive for more than 2 weeks without telling anyone about it, you will be kicked.
* Cheaters/ex-Cheaters and scammers/ex-scammers are not welcomed in the guild. We will find out if you did anything of that sort and expel you.
* Be fair towards the guildies. Do not apply for another guild while in Basher, do not keep alt-chars in other guilds with the purpose of leeching more items from more guilds. You will get expelled.
* Only the Guild-master and Sub-Leaders have the right to invite new Members.
* If Sub-Leaders say something to you, listen it and understand it, because chances are that they are older members of the community and could possibly know more about the situation than you.
* Don't act childish.
* Don't be selfish. All members have equal rights, no matter the position in guild.

2. Rules in Dungeons

* In dungeons, GuildMaster or SubMasters are given pick rights (Loot to lead). If you have something against this, you are not forced to join us, though this will mean you will get expelled sooner or later due to not participating in guild dungeon runs. Also, if you have something against this, it means that you probably wanted to steal a drop and leave.
* If Dungeon Party leader tells you how to do something in a dungeon (tactics or similar) please do it and dont discuss over it while inside the dungeon. You can discuss before or after, as to why you did this way instead of another.

3. Drop Rules

* If a valuable item drops in a Dungeon, the persons who are most active and helpful in guild and did more Dungeon runs will get the ITEM
* If 2 people need the item there will be a LOT between them only (this means that if we drop an EoS+7, and there are a WI and a FA in that party that drops the EoS, only they 2 will lot, not the whole party. If you don't agree with the above rules, don't even bother applying.
* Every rare drop with guild parties will stay and will be for the use of the guild, no matter who dropped it. We will discuss who deserves to receive this rare item based on activity and dedication to guild welfare.

This are the guild rules revised by the Guild Masters and the current members so be sure to follow them.

Have Fun Wink
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Guild Rules
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