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 Application SenoRcz

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PostSubject: Application SenoRcz    Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:32 pm

Nationality:Czech Republic
Languages:English,Czech,Deutch > A bit.

Name,character class,level of your character,honor rank?

SenoRcz,Warrior,150Lv,HR-6 (I know about fail at HR.. fixing it,tomorrow will be 7,and next week 8.) Cool

How long do you play cabal on Jupiter?
About 10 months.

How long do you play cabal each day or each week ?
Each day about 5 hours. Saturday and Sunday about 10-12 hours. (But as you probably know,nobody can tell 100% true.)

What equipment do you have?
Osmium Armor helm of DB +8 , 20%CD 8%CR
Osmium Daikatana of DB +8 , 54CD
Shine Guard Gauntlet of AMP +7 , 5% S.amp
Osmium Armor Suit +7 , 50HP,7% s amp. (Trying to +8 this time,its hell Very Happy )
Shine Guard Greaves of AMP +6 , 5% S amp

Mergaheph´s ring,ROL +1,CR+2,Life absorb ring +3
Vampiric Amulet +3
Vamp Earring+2 2x
BOF +2 2x
HP belt +2

What is your transmutter type / craft level?

I dont craft at this lvl.I need to use alz for equip etc.

What were your previous guilds and why did you leave them?

CzUnitedSk:Left because some players were so arogant.
FrostBiteI was kicked without reason after two months.

How would you react if someone Ks'ed, stolen your spot or boss, flamed you?
I will think something nice about him. Smile

Why do you want to join Basher?
I wants to join Basher longer time.The first idea came when i met more than 5 players of Basher at one place. I was very low Lv hehe Smile) It was nice to see it for me.By the way i like the guild name,and some players from guild helped me. Like ppl, Like guild , Like Basher!!! sunny

I would to tell you one thing:I know that u will give me -1 for my HR Sad Cause i cant use higher items,but i promise you ( TO ALL ) it will be fixed very soon. I think this is only one problem what i have... Give me the chance guys,please.

ByeBye I love you
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Application SenoRcz
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