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 Application GeraldTHEWither

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PostSubject: Application GeraldTHEWither   Sun May 15, 2011 2:56 pm

Your name / nickname?
- Your nationality?
- Your age?
- What languages do you speak?
English, Polish

- Name , character class, level of your character, honor rank?
GeraldTHEWither, Wizard, 155Lv, HR 9
- How long do you play cabal on Jupiter?
since 2009
- How long do you play cabal each day or each week ?
Each day about 3-5 hours.
- What equipment do you have?
Osm martial helm of db 36%cd
osm martial suit 7% mamp
mistic hands/ boots 5% mamp
pher orb/ cristal of db 28%cd 7%cr
Bos +5 x2, Vamp earring +5 x2
- What is your transmutter type / craft level?
Artifact (i craft on 2nd character tit blades)
-What were your previous guilds and why did you leave them?
I was in poland weak guilds.
- How would you react if someone Ks'ed, stolen your spot or boss, flamed you?
I try told him to go away.
- If you have any goals or aims, can you tell us which they are?
I want to earn fast money on a new set.
- Why do you want to join Basher?
I want join to Basher because is good guild with nice people. And want help on dungs.
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Application GeraldTHEWither
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